Mission & Responsibilities

The Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (HSPPA) was established in 2011 by virtue of L. 4013/2011. HSPPA is an Independent Authority, with operational and financial autonomy. The Authority is not supervised or controlled by any other governmental or administrative Authority and is liable for its operation and work only to the Hellenic Parliament.

The purpose for the establishment of HSPPA is to

  • develop and promote national public procurement strategy, policy and action,
  • ensure transparency, efficiency, cohesion and compliance in the implementation of public procurement procedures and contracts with national and European law,
  • constantly contribute to the improvement of the legislative framework on public procurement
  • control the proper application by government bodies and contracting authorities
  • function as the single contact point with EU Institutions and International Public Procurement Organizations for exchanging opinions, information and data on the national public procurement strategy, legal framework and procedures for tendering for, awarding and performing public contracts


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